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Netizen heaps praise on Mashrafe as photo with pot friend goes viral!

Netizen heaps praise on Mashrafe after a photo with his pot friend went viral in social media. The photo shows that Narail-2 MP Mashrafe bin Murtaza were having a chat with a shoemaker friend.

The former captain of the Bangladesh team, who went from cricketer to national star, was elected a Member of Parliament from his district Narail-2 constituency in the last national election. Despite being a national star, Mashrafe’s friendly attitude is the same as before.

As soon as he got time, he started chatting with his childhood friends. When he went to Narail, Mashrafe used to hang out under the banyan tree at the crossroads of the city and regularly hang out at the shop of his friend Ravi Das, who sewed shoes. Even after becoming a Member of Parliament, his habit has not changed.

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