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Mominul urges players not to show excuse rather to be professional

Rain delays start of second day of Dhaka Test

CRICDOT DESK : Bangladesh lost in the end with a lead in the first innings in Chittagong, In the first match of the two Test series against Pakistan. The second Test of the series will start in Dhaka from Saturday.In a press conference on Friday, the day before the start of the Dhaka Test, Bangladesh captain Mominul Haque Sourav said,

“Everyone knows that the batsmen of the subcontinent play spin well.” So it is better not to play on spin wickets against the teams here. Not just me, all the teams in the world will do the same. So I think the game will be better with a good batting wicket.

He further said that the excuse of wicket as a professional player is not desirable. I myself do not agree with this. If you are allowed to play in the paddy field, you have to play well there as a professional player. It is better to show a little professionalism to win without making excuses.

The Test captain of the Bangladesh team said, everything is the same but professionalism. There are issues of discipline, practicing well, working according to the rules, practicing by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent – these also fall into the category of professionalism. Everyone is professional in this case, some may be successful, some may not.

The Bangladesh captain is hoping for a good batting wicket in Mirpur. He says white says since there are new balls from both sides, then maybe something different happens. But red means the same ball is used on both sides. I think a red ball would be a better wicket than a white ball.

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