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Moeen Ali thrilled to play at Inlawa’s palace!

Moeen Ali


CRICDOT DESK : Moeen Ali is the son-in-law of Bangladesh. Father-in-law’s house is in Sylhet. This is the first time Ellen’s wife has been born in the district. Although I like the area around my father-in-law’s house surrounded by greenery, Moeen is upset. The pain of not being able to bring his family with him is burning.

The England spinner said at the Sylhet International Stadium yesterday, ‘Bangladesh, Pakistan, England is my country. I like coming to Bangladesh. This is the first time I came to Sylhet. It would be nice to be with family. ‘ The Comilla Victorians cricketer was asked if he considered Bangladesh as his second home as a Bangladeshi son-in-law.

Moeen Ali’s mind went bad while answering. She regrets not being able to bring her daughter-in-law with her. Moeen  can speak Bengali. He said that he is trying to learn Bengali regularly from his family. Expressing interest in learning Sylheti language at that time, he added, ‘I know some Sylheti words. Honestly, it would be nice to learn more. I will try to learn more since I came here. ‘

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Moeen will not be visiting the city of Sylhet as it is in the biological protection zone due to the protection of coronavirus. Despite that regret, he is more than happy to go to Sylhet, ‘It feels good to come to Sylhet this time. It’s sad that (because of the biosecurity zone) I can’t go anywhere outside. But I am very happy to be here. Because my family is here. So I am very happy to come to Sylhet.

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