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Mirpur to get full audience soon!

audience in BPL!


CRICDOT DESK : The last series in the country with a full gallery was against Zimbabwe in March 2020. The Corona epidemic was a match with zero spectators and few spectators. Exactly two years later, Mirpur Stadium will be filled to the brim with spectators. 25,000 tickets will be released for the T20 series against Afghans on Thursday.

The spectators returned to the field in the T20 against Pakistan last December. Half of the seats were without tickets. Viewers in the BPL were limited due to the increase in corona in January. The play-off was five thousand spectators. The one-day series against the Afghans in Chittagong was also organized with limited spectators.

This time BCB is avoiding social distance in the gallery. There are only instructions to wear a mask. Debashish Chowdhury, chief physician of BCB, said, “Managing so many spectators is a big challenge. In that case there will be issue of wearing mask as per government instructions. Although it is not easy to force everyone to wear a mask. Our goal is to keep the players safe. ”

Ticket prices for the T20 series have been kept within the purchasing power of the general public. Tickets for the East Gallery are priced at Rs 100, North and South Stands at Rs 150, Club House at Rs 300, VIP Stand at Rs 500 and Grand Stand at Rs 1,000.

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