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Mehedi Hasan Miraj controversy resolved after hearing at BCB


CRICDOT DESK : Chittagong Challengers had two wins in the first four matches. In the eighth edition of BPL, the number of people who were optimistic about the Chittagong team increased. But on January 30, the BPL mission in Chittagong was disbanded due to an off-field issue. The country’s cricket ground was shaken by the news of Mehedi Hasan Miraj leaving the team after losing the captaincy.

After many dramas, Chittagong resolved the issue on its own. But by then the water had rolled far away. The BPL Governing Council is also concerned about the issue. The BCB summoned the Miraj and Chittagong Challengers authorities for the hearing due to various criticisms. The hearing was held last Thursday night.

There was nothing to worry about. On the contrary, both sides have made their position known. And the issue has been resolved without much controversy. The management of Miraj, Chittagong appeared before the BPL Governing Council at the hearing. When asked, Chittagong Chief Executive Yasir Alam Chowdhury said, “The matter has been resolved. No problem. ‘

He added: “There was a hearing, we were all there. Me, Miraj, everyone including the team chairman. From the BPL Governing Council were Mallick Bhai (BPL Member Secretary Ismail Haider Mallick) and BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury Sujan. We have made our point. They have all heard. They will brief you. ‘

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Miraj clashed with Yasir Alam Chowdhury over the captaincy issue. The young all-rounder said that his captaincy was taken away 3 hours before the match. Yasir Alam Chowdhury told him that the decision was taken on the advice of outgoing coach Paul Nixon. Although Nixon later told Mirage, he did not make such a recommendation. After that, if there is Yasir Alam Chowdhury, Miraj will not play in the team. The young cricketer did not leave the Chittagong camp on that journey due to the intervention of the team owners.

After this incident, Chittagong Mission lost its tone in BPL. The team has now won three of those matches. And there are two matches left. Chittagong will have to win both the matches to keep the possibility of play-off alive. Naeem Islam’s team will play against Sylhet on February 8 in Dhaka and on February 12 in Sylhet. Both matches are at 12 noon.

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