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McCullum angry after Shubman Gill joins Ahmedabad

Brendon McCullam


CRICDOT DESK : Kolkata Knight Riders head coach Brendon McCullam has expressed disappointment with the loss of Shubuman gil ahead of the 2022 Indian Premier League season. The runner-ups for the IPL 2021 are Andre Russell (£ 12m), Valuncha Kravalcy (£ 8m), Vencatesh Ayer (£ 8m) and Sunil Narine (£ 6m) ahead of the mega auction. Decided to keep it and was forced to release gambling like Shubuman. Pat Cummins, Eoin Morgan, Dinesh Kartik. However,
Shubman joined the Ahmedabad franchise as he was selected as the third draft topic for the new team to debut next season.

McCallum said KKR is preparing for the next mega IPL auction to be held February 12-13. “You will lose a lot of players, so you need to plan. It was a pity that I lost Shubman Gil. But sometimes it’s life and we’re ready for the next auction. ” McCallum said at a KKR live session. With an average of 31.49 for two IPL champions in 58 games, the
head coach also talked about KKR’s retention picks for the next IPL season.

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“Sunil Narine and Andre Russell have 10 years of activist experience. We’ve all seen what Varun Chakravarthy can do over the last two seasons. vencatesh Ayer probably It was the second half of the 2021 IPL. ” McCallum also defended Australian pacesetter Pat Cummins. He signed a contract for 15.5 ChOre, but the franchise released him before the 2022 mega auction.

“I think Pat Cummins was a pretty good buy. Some say he didn’t perform as he should, but I don’t agree. Even if he’s not a real performer statistically, he’s in the field. It was great beyond. They are ready to play hard for guys like him. “

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