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Mashrafe does not have the freedom to be an MP.

The current state of Bangladesh cricket. The BCB has started looking for various means and ways to overcome this stage. Bangladesh Cricket Board officials and cricket fans want to see this situation improve after the T20 World Cup.

The BCB can reach out to different people to save cricket amidst various criticisms. In response to such a question, Mashrafe said, “If I work, I will do my best. I will always be disturbed in my work. I will not go to such work. If anyone wants me, let them think that way first.”

Forgetting the failures of the World Cup, cricket needs to be improved in a new way with the advice of cricket experts and veterans.
No such question or answer was received from the B C B. The country’s best captain Mashrafe did not say anything about which department of cricket he will work with.

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