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Mashrafe slams unprofessional behavior of BCB!

Mashrafe slams unprofessional behavior of BCB

CRICDOT DESK : Mashrafe slams unprofessional behavior of BCB as Due to the lack of communication, the animosity between the board and the cricketers has reached its peak at different times. A few recent events are proof of that.

“I don’t know why,” said former national team captain Mashrafe bin Mortuza, referring to the cricketers’ lack of communication with the board. You see, a cricketer like Virat Kohli is no longer a captain in limited overs cricket, you can imagine! Is there a bigger cricketer in cricket in Bangladesh than Kohli?

He also said that when Kohli was removed from the captaincy, did anything come out? Whatever is inside, how much mutual respect in public! It has been observed that there should be professionalism. I am talking about communication. Of course Kohli has been informed before he is removed. Sourav Ganguly said, “Yes, he talked to me.” That means how good their system is. Everyone is saying as much as should be said in front of the media. It’s called professionalism. There is no value in kinship, love.

In an interview with an online portal of the country, Mashrafe said that communication is the most important thing. Don’t keep Mushfiqur, it should end in the dressing room. Why would you react by watching on TV? Ask questions later. But when you say it before, it means you are so confused and people will criticize you – for fear that you will say it before.

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He added that Mushfiqur was not included in the T20 in the Pakistan series. He later said that he was not informed, Chief Selector Nannu Bhai said that he was told. The same thing happened to me. Other boards are able to communicate well with cricketers thousands of times bigger than me!

The former captain further said that the cricket board can take any decision if it wants. No cricketer is bigger than the country. If someone is bigger than the country, he should not play. This is the most important thing. Millions of people should support Mashrafe, but if Mashrafe thinks he is bigger than Bangladesh cricket, then he should be dropped. It doesn’t matter who said what.

The star pacer, who has taken 280 wickets in 220 ODIs for the national team, said the cricket board could take any decision. But if you can keep in touch, then if a cricketer does something, leave him out! Bangladesh cricket is just digging. So there is no benefit in keeping those cricketers. Any action can be taken by keeping the communication right, but if the communication is not kept properly then it is unfair to that cricketer.

“When I was dropped, I took it professionally,” said Mashrafe, who became a member of parliament before retiring from cricket. They did not contact me. Even then I took it positively because I am not bigger than Bangladesh cricket. My responsibility is to take Bangladesh cricket forward. It is not the responsibility of the country’s cricket to pull me. But I should have given that honor to the team before I dropped out. It should be said even if a series is rested.

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