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Mark Richardson apologizes to Bangladesh!

Mark Richardson

CRICDOT DESK : Bangladesh is now on the verge of winning the Mount Manganui Test. The Tigers reigned most of the first four days of the Test. This is the first time that New Zealand is facing a test rate against Bangladesh on home soil. Bangladesh finished the first innings with 456 runs in reply to New Zealand’s first innings score of 326 runs. The lead is 130 runs. The Kiwis took 148 for 5 in the second innings. Lead only 18 runs. So Bangladesh is getting the fragrance of victory.

But this was not the case for so long. Earlier, Bangladesh lost nine of the nine Tests played in New Zealand by an innings. The rest have been defeated by a large margin. Why Test only, Bangladesh could not defeat the Kiwis on their soil in any format. Couldn’t even tell the minimum challenge. The Tigers’ tour of New Zealand was synonymous with poor performance and shame. That Bangladesh changed in a hurry in the new year.

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Former New Zealand batsman Mark Richardson is commenting on this match on Spark Sports Television. At one point he said, Bangladesh is going to lose the match. At the end of the fourth day, Mark retracted his statement and apologized. He said, ‘New Zealand was 6 runs for 1 wicket then. Then I said, Bangladesh is going to lose this test and New Zealand is going on the path of easy victory. I now apologize to the Bangladeshi audience. Because from that moment onwards, Bangladesh has been in power all afternoon. We have to give credit to them for the position they are in now. ‘

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