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Mark Boucher about to lose his role on accusation of racism!

Mark Boucher


CRICDOT DESK : The great anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela’s country is still a ghost of active racism in South Africa. The Proteas have recently won the Test and ODI series at home against India. The bad news came to their team at this happy time. Allegations of racism have surfaced against head coach Mark Boucher.

That allegation is so serious that Boucher could go to work! One-time star cricketer Boucher committed this crime in his playing career. Last year, a number of black cricketers complained of racism while playing for the South African team. Boucher has been the worst hit, especially with Paul Adams. Boucher also confessed to stabbing blacks and calling them by various offensive names. After that he can’t get over even if he apologizes.

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According to international media sources, Boucher has been formally charged with serious misconduct since the release of a report by the Social Justice and Nation Building (SJN) Commission last month. A seven-page charge sheet has been prepared. At the same time, Cricket South Africa is going to recommend the removal of Boucher to their disciplinary committee. This time, Boucher will have to face a disciplinary committee headed by Terry Motau.

A copy of the complaint has already been sent to Boucher. Although Boucher claimed, he did nothing wrong. He also said that he was ready to respond to the allegations. “I look forward to hearing from you,” Boucher said. I will do the same at the right time hearing. I am fully focused on my role as head coach of South Africa.

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