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Kolkata or Mumbai, who is more likely to reach the play-offs?

Kolkata or Mumbai, who is more likely to reach the play-offs?

Kolkata Knight Riders now have 12 points from 13 matches. Mumbai Indians are ahead by getting the same number of points as KKR after playing an equal number of matches.

Except for Kolkata, the road to the play-offs is quite difficult. Mumbai Indians lost to Rajasthan Royals with 60 balls to spare on Tuesday. As a result, Rohit Sharma’s team is leading the fight to reach the play-offs.

As the fourth team, Kolkata and Mumbai are one of the contenders to reach the play-offs. Lets see which car is more likely to reach the play-off between Mumbai and Kolkata!

KKR will play against Rajasthan Royals on Thursday. Eoin Morgan’s side will get a direct play-off ticket if they can beat Rajasthan by a big margin in this match.In this case, if Mumbai loses the next match, KKR will reach the play-offs even if they win by a narrow margin against Rajasthan. However, KKR will have to beat Rajasthan in the last match.Mumbai lags far behind KKR in run rate. As a result, Mumbai will have to win by a big margin against Sunrisers Hyderabad in the last match. In the last match, Rohit Sharma’s team will not just win. Mumbai have to win by a big margin. Otherwise, Kolkata will reach the play-offs, leaving Mumbai behind.
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It will be seen which team will cross the group stage in the last match.

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