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Joe Root having complexation regarding captaincy issue

Joe Root


CRICDOT DESK : The England cricket team, led by Joe Root, lost by a wide margin in the last Ashes series tour of Australia. Coach Silverwood lost his job after the Ashes defeat, but Joe Root retained the captaincy.

This time there is a strong demand to exclude the route. England have won just one of their last 16 Tests. Bigger than that is the fact that Joe Root’s team did not win in the last 5 consecutive series. That’s why former multiple captains want to see Root say goodbye.

The team led by Joe Root has lost the most 26th Test as England captain. Former England captains Michael Atherton, Nasser Hussein and Michael Vonra have called for Joe Root to relinquish his captaincy following Sunday’s series loss to the West Indies.

Michael Atherton writes in his column in The Times: Root’s captaincy is unacceptable and he knows it in his heart. His team did not win 5 consecutive series and won only 1 of 18 Tests. What could be worse for a team with so many good players?

He added that Root’s journey as captain was over. There comes a time when a captain has nothing to give, nothing new to inspire new players. At that time different types or different voices became necessary. The condition of the route is understood in the Ashes. How the route remained even after everyone lost their jobs after the Ashes defeat is a mystery.

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Former England captain Nasser Hussein wrote in his column in the Daily Mail that Root is a world-class batsman and a man to be liked. But I don’t think he had the innate ability to be a captain. Sometimes you need a tough guy. Attempts have been made to form a team with 10 G-lords, it is nothing but negligence of responsibility.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “It happened in Grenada, it happened again and again in Australia and it happened many times last summer. As it turns out, the Route England can’t handle the pressure. Whenever there is an hour where you need to win, they lose.

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