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Jamie Siddons gets Bangladeshi Visa approval

Jamie Siddons gets Bangladeshi Visa approval


CRICDOT DESK : Jamie Siddons was the head coach of the Bangladesh national team for four consecutive years. He returned to his homeland from 2006 to 2011. The Siddons chapter in Bangladesh cricket is starting anew. The BCB has recently appointed him as the batting coach.

Siddons is coming to Bangladesh at the end of this month for that purpose. He hopes to start work from the 1st of next month. He has already got the visa of Bangladesh. In a video message posted on his coaching page, Siddons expressed his excitement about getting a visa.

Siddons said, ‘I got a visa to Bangladesh. My next coaching chapter will be there. I hope to work for two years. I will return to Australia in October for the T20 World Cup. I will work with the batsmen of the national team, as well as with the youngsters.

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Simmons added, ‘I’ll get a ticket later this month. I hope I can start work from February 1. I have worked in Bangladesh before. Had a great time then. I hope it will be good again.

Speaking about his thoughts on the recent Bangladesh team, Siddons said, “Bangladesh has won a lot in recent times. Especially in T20 cricket. Also most notable was their home win against New Zealand in the Tests. They did well in the first match. The batting was great, he did well in bowling too. But in the second match, everything turned upside down again. I don’t know why. However, this is the case, somewhat inconsistent. I hope I can go there and help in this matter.

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