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It’s hard to accept Shakib’s behavior: Sujon


CRICDOT DESK : Khaled Mahmood Sujan thinks that the arbitrary attitude of the world’s best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan will set a negative example for young cricketers. This team director of the national team thinks that Shakib is announcing not to play for the national team from time to time, which is not correct. This behavior is not acceptable.

Asked what effect Shakib’s behavior would have on young people, Sujan told reporters on Tuesday, “I can’t say. The effect may or may not be read. We all know that Shakib is a bit like this. But it is certainly not right to accept it. Because Shakib-Riyadh-Mushfiq-Tamim, Mashrafe are not there, so I did not talk about him … They have come up from the national team pipeline since childhood and have become such great cricketers. Behind them is a lot of investment in cricket in the country. So my point is, the country needs them when they need them. This is not Papun Bhai’s team, Bangladesh team. Playing for the country is the big issue. ‘

Sujan said in favor of the emotional stress that can be put on Shakib, ‘In our time there was not so much play, there was not so much stress. There is a lot of expectation pressure on Shakib now. So they may not be mentally fit all the time. May ask for leave. But that has to be said first. He agreed to play in ODI and Test series. Then I can’t say why he said this again. Shakib can say that. It is better if Shakib agrees to go and talk to the board, otherwise we have to think like that. I think it is wrong to think that Bangladesh cricket will sit for anyone. You have to give up this thought. He is a very important cricketer. After two or three years they will not be. This does not mean that the game will end. Young people are coming up. They are performing well. However, BCB always wants the best team to play. ‘

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When will we think about the team without Shakib? Sujan said, ‘I am doing the team now without Shakib. I won the Test in New Zealand without Shakib-Tamim. They are important players for us. Big players. If they don’t want to play then they can’t force performance. If they play, it is good for the country. And if they don’t play, cricket in the country will not stop. The cricketer who gets a chance in their place will come up. ‘

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