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‘It’s beyond reach why they miss what they dont miss’


CRICDOT DESK : The fielders of Bangladesh showed the practice of catch miss in the second T20 match of the series against Afghanistan on Saturday. A total of three easy catches they have dropped. Thus, BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon cannot accept without an easy catch. Who sat on the field today and watched the whole game.

Bangladesh lost the match by 8 wickets and ended the series 1-1. At the end of the match, the BCB president said, “In fact, we are far behind in T20 cricket. I have no hesitation in admitting it. If we miss the opportunities that come to us, then no match can be won with anyone. I am not an expert, I asked Sujan, don’t we practice catch? Lots of practice, he said. Again, these fielders are the ones who catch. Also caught in the last match. Missed today. It’s hard for me to say where the problem is. We know our own weaknesses. Now we need to go a little deeper; Especially with T20. ‘

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Asked if those in charge of cricketers are above accountability, Papun said, “No, why would they be above accountability? The fielding coach was brought in from outside. As far as I know he is a very good coach. Even after that, everyone thought that the fielding coach needed to be changed. Our domestic coach is much better. So now the native coach has been given. I do not understand why you are saying this. If a fielder misses a catch, that is his responsibility. For this, it is useless to involve the coach or the management. The hunger for victory in the previous match was not felt from the beginning of today’s match. It shouldn’t be. I immediately told Sujan, why is this? It needs to be found out. This performance is unacceptable. ‘

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