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Irelans-UAE confirms T20 world cup place!

T20 World Cup


CRICDOT DESK : Like last year, this time too, the cricket world will win the T20 World Cup. This year’s event will be held in Australia in October-November. Twelve of the 16 teams were already confirmed. The other four teams will come from the qualifying round.

Of course, the two teams have already been confirmed. Ireland and the United Arab Emirates have qualified for the final of the ICC Global Qualifiers-1. The UAE defeated Nepal by 8 runs in the first semifinal of the tournament in the qualifiers at the Emirates Stadium in Oman.

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In the other semi-final, Ireland defeated Oman by 57 runs in the last World Cup. Meanwhile, the other two teams in the tournament will emerge from the Global Qualifier-B to be held in Zimbabwe next July.

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