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IPL 2022 set to start from March 27

IPL 2022 set to start from March 27

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CRICDOT DESK : The 2022 IPL season will begin in the last week of March and will continue until the end of May. Cricdot learned at a meeting with 10 franchises on Saturday (January 22nd) that IPL authorities had informed owners that they had set March 27 as the planned launch date. The franchise was also informed that the tournament will be held in India with Mumbai as the main venue. And if the number of Covid 19s in India is low at this point, Ahmedabad can be considered a second playoff venue.

If India’s pandemic situation turns out to be infeasible to host a tournament, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates will be a backup option in no particular order. At a meeting on Saturday, IPL expects the franchise to make a final decision by February 20, following the collapse of the 2021 edition, where the tournament had to be canceled half-time due to a surge in cases between teams. Said. The main reason the team reported more and more positive cases of Covid 19 was the movement between different cities. The tournament was postponed from September to October before the second round in the United Arab Emirates.

India is currently experiencing a third wave of pandemics, with Omicron variants dominating the country. The impact is less severe, but the high transmission rate imposes strict restrictions on mobility and public activities in major cities.

By the way, also in 2021, the IPL was considering hosting the entire tournament in Mumbai before deciding to host it in two cities at the same time. This time, they decided to wait until mid-February, with the necessary government approval, to assess the possibility of hosting a 74-game tournament in Mumbai. In addition to the Wankede Stadium, Mumbai hosts two international matches, Brabourne Stadium and DY Patil Stadium. The Bandraculla Complex, which hosts national tournaments and has been trained by the IPL team in the past, also has a running ground for the Mumbai Cricket Association.

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Not all teams agree on one of the two backup options. Some franchises say that the UAE with three venues is becoming more and more predictable in terms of results, as seen in the 2021 Men’s T20 World Cup and the second round of the 2021 IPL shortly before. I pointed out. Another concern in the United Arab Emirates was that the pitch could get tired from April to May after a long multi-tournament season. However, some felt that Dubai and Abu Dhabi had a close contest, with the exception of Sharjah, who launched a slow, low-jump pitch at the previous IPL.

Some franchises supported only the UAE as it did not require domestic travel and the venue was one of the safest places in the world overall during the pandemic. IPL officials also pointed out that South Africa has obvious advantages in terms of multiple venues, but in contrast, as some franchisees pointed out, all trips during the pandemic will be in 2021. India’s IPL when a country was suffering from a delta variant, which is full of risks as already experienced in the first mid.

It turns out that some franchises state that an important aspect that IPL should consider is the lack of a 2022 window if the tournament is interrupted again for travel-related reasons.

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