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India’s unnecessary comments behind stump mic creates controversy

India's unnecessary comments


CRICDOT DESK : India skipper Virat Kohli and his teammates lost their cool during the final 45 minutes on the third day after rival skipper Dean Elgar got a massive reprieve due to a contentious DRS decision.

Some of the unsavoury comments made about umpiring and technology as well as broadcasters might not go down well with the match referee and the Indian skipper may have to cop a financial penalty. The incident happened in the 21st over when Ravichandran Ashwin flighted one which dipped and then straightened to beat a lunging Elgar`s bat.
Umpire Marais Erasmus straightaway lifted his finger but Elgar appealed for DRS.

Once he saw on big screen that he was beaten, he started trudging back only to his delight to find that the ball was going over the stumps. It looked pale enough to die, but the opposite of the decision was to see Kori stepping on the floor with disgust as all sorts of chatter began.

Knowing that a dull mic picks up verbal material, the player decides to let everyone in South Africa know what he’s feeling. “The whole country is playing against 11 players,” one said, while “the broadcasters are here to make money.”
“I hope the stump Mike will pick it up,” another said.

Ashwin couldn’t stop looking at the station’s ball tracking technology, saying, “We should find a better way to win supersports.”

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Kohli said, “We focus not only on our opponents, but also on our team. I always try to catch people.”
KL Rahul said, “The whole country is playing against XI people.” When I went in another direction. Threatened by Jasprit Bumrah.

` I can’t believe it. He escaped from Jaspari after performing the best player in the final match. Dean screamed for 13 years and I think you’ll be quiet, “Kori said from Slip. The excuses for being another unsightly slap show, 223 and 198, are the scores.

At the end of the day’s match, Indian bowling coach Pallas Manbray tried to put out the fire.
“We saw it, you saw it. It’s up to the referee to look it up. Now I can’t say anything. We’ve seen everything, but now we’re playing the game I want to continue. “

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