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India Missing A Finisher “Since MS Dhoni’s Retirement”: Rohit Sharma


CRICDOT DESK : Indian captain C said on Saturday that the team has not been able to find a finisher since MS Dhoni retired internationally and entered the ODI World Cup next year. Rohit was asked how he saw the role of the finisher, especially batting averages 6 and 7, and acknowledged that he needed to make more backups with Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja. “The role of the finisher in ODI is very important, but since MS Dhoni retired, no one deserved that role,” Rohit said on the eve of the first ODI against the West Indies. ..

“I also played Jadeja and tried Hardik, but I need to make more backups of this slot. Hopefully those who got a chance in the series will take advantage of those chances and team up. Will solidify its position. “The finisher hits at a crucial moment, and in many cases his contribution can be a game changer,” Skipper said.

In the meantime, the reporter wanted to ask if Rohit wanted to bleed his juniors, but the wording of the question allowed him to taste the dry humor of Skipper. Will you and Shikar, who were promoted as openers at the
Champions Trophy 2013, be bloody juniors because they have the same pattern for years? He asked in a pleasant comment about how he “encourages his juniors.”

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“To haapbol rahein ho main aur shikhar bahar ho jateein hai aur Ishan Kishan aur Ruturaj Gaikwad ko open kara de? (That is, are you saying that you should drop me and Sikar and open Luturaj and Ishan to India? What does that mean?) He winked and smiled.

“No, I’m saying that if one of you goes down two steps, you’ll get the same results as when you were raised,” the reporter claimed to be lucky. “Yes, there are results, but when it comes to the top three, they’ve been doing pretty consistently over the years. Yes, young people will gain a share of the opportunity and they will continue to seize the opportunity, just as Ishan does, “he said in a more serious note.

“There are so many games out there that batters will have a good chance. Shikhar Dhawan has succeeded in South Africa and is now infected with Covid. Ruth also has Covid, so Ishan has a chance. Young people will get a chance, but how they take them is real.

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