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‘If we can do it in New Zealand, Why can’t we do it South Africa’?


CRICDOT DESK : The chain of defeat in New Zealand was broken earlier this year. After losing 32 matches in a row, Bangladesh won on New Zealand soil. Muminul Haque’s side picked up a historic victory by defeating the Kiwis in a Test in January.

Like New Zealand, South Africa is a place of memory for Bangladesh. Bangladesh has not yet won in this country. The hosts are ahead in the 19-0 score line with three formats. Bangladesh will travel to South Africa tomorrow to play three ODIs and two Tests.

ODI captain Tamim Iqbal says, if New Zealand can break the losing circle, why not South Africa? Tamim is looking for inspiration in the mission to demolish the Protea fort from the victory of the believers at Mount Manganui. Not a good cricket game like in the past, this time Bangladesh is going to Africa to win.

In all these years, the Tigers have lost 6 Tests, 9 ODIs and 4 T20s in South Africa. This time Bangladesh will play in the hope of winning. “We are at a stage in ODI cricket where we should not say anything but win,” Tamim said at the Mirpur Stadium yesterday. Of course we will go with the goal of victory. It is also true that it is difficult. Our record there is not so good. The record thing is that it can change at any moment. The big example was the New Zealand Test. We will try to change the record we have in South Africa. ‘Bangladesh’s ODI captain is desperate to win the upcoming tour. “I definitely want to win,” Tamim said. I will do whatever it takes to do that. ”

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Tamim wants to talk to the cricketers of the team that won the Test at Mount Manganui. Want to hear the story of that thrilling victory from them. Listening to their hard work, mentality, morale, they want to spread it in the ODI team. “If you think about New Zealand, we have never won in 30-32 games,” Tamim said yesterday. But that team has changed that. Hopefully, this team can change that. I was not with that team in New Zealand unfortunately. Those who were, I would like them to come and talk. Many of those teams are in the ODI squad. I would like them to talk about the match, their thoughts, their processes, what they were thinking at the time. “

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