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‘If every player performs, Bangladesh do better’ : Mominul



CRICDOT DESK : The return of the Bangladesh team to the country is of two kinds — sometimes excitement, sometimes intense frustration. Sometimes fans fall in love, and airport staff have a history of harassment. This paradox depends on the success or failure of the national team. However, Mominul Haque has definitely had a new experience in his captaincy life yesterday.

The draw of the 1-1 Test series is a great return. Sesab has been practiced before. The only thing left was the unpretentious ceremony of welcoming the believers, that too happened yesterday.

Mominul, who is accustomed to hearing such harsh questions as ‘why this party’, was asked the first question as expected yesterday  how comforting is this return? Bangladesh’s Test captain did not whistle in relief even after scoring one century after another at the beginning of his career. He believes in another of Mominul’s philosophies, “There is nothing comforting about playing cricket. Sometimes play good, sometimes play bad. Sometime the process will be fine, sometime it won’t. Alhamdulillah that we have won a match. However, the way I played the last match, I am not very happy as a captain. We should have played better in the second Test. ”

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Even after this, drawing a series from New Zealand is almost equal to winning anywhere else! New Zealand were unbeaten in 16 consecutive Tests at home before losing to Bangladesh at Mount Manganui. Even the established teams of the world tremble in the courtyard of the current Test champions. Winning the Test by dominating there is no longer a matter of chatty talk. Mominul credits this achievement to everyone on the team, “There was no magic, we tried to keep the process going. We have tried to improve where we need to improve. Trying to play well as a team. Bangladesh team does well only when everyone performs. If one or two do well, Bangladesh will not do well, especially in Tests. We do well in Tests when we do well as a team in all three categories – batting, bowling, fielding. ”

After the historic Test victory in New Zealand, a heated discussion has started among the cricket fans. Mushfiqur Rahim was the only one in Mominul’s team to say ‘Panchpandab’. Young people have got the opportunity and put it to work. Is this success giving the air of change in the mind of the Test captain? Mominul did not waver in the air, “A Test match is over, the juniors have all performed. It’s hard to judge everything by one match. I think seniors-juniors or we play too. If you can’t play as a team at the end of the day, it’s hard to get results. ‘

In the absence of the established few, a third resistance with the impenetrable condition of New Zealand also stood in front of the Mominuls — quarantine. This seemingly cursed life at first seems to have given Mominul a chance to return home with a smile on his face. I think quarantine has become a blessing. When we were 11 days inside (bio-bubble) in quarantine … then out, we worked together. The team buildup is due to working together. ‘

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