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ICC introduce couple of rules for upcoming times


CRICDOT DESK : Some new rules are listed in cricket again. The rules were initially approved at a meeting of the MCC. The issues of change of rules were initially recognized in the meeting of MCC. The new rules of cricket will come into effect from next October.

One of the rules is if two batsmen cross each other while taking a catch. However, the new batsman will have to come to the crease and stand on strike.

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This means that if two batsmen change sides while taking a fielder catch after taking a shot, the new batsman will not be able to stand non-strike at the crease as before. He has to take the strike. From now on the old rules are going up.

According to the new rules, if a batsman is caught out, the new batsman has to come directly and take strike. Whether two batsmen cross it or not. When a new batsman comes out, he will have to take the strike. If the edge is changed, there is no rule for the new batsman to stand on non-strike.

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