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ICC amends law for T20 in favor of batsmen!

ICC amends law for T20 in favor of batsmen!


CRICDOT DESK : The ICC is changing the rules of T20 cricket. As a result of this rule, it is believed that the batsmen will benefit more from the bowlers. The ICC has imposed fines and bans after the match due to the slow over rate for so many days in international matches. The rules have been changed and new rules have been introduced in T20 from now on.

Under the new rules, the bowling team will be punished in the middle of the match for slow bowling in T20 cricket. From now on, if a team cannot start the last over of the innings within the stipulated time, they will have to keep one fielder less than 30 yards for the rest of the over. In that case, the batsmen will have the added advantage of taking more runs towards the end. Earlier, the fielding team was fined for slow over rate.

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Many times the captain was punished for not playing the match. In addition, the ICC is bringing another rule. In the middle of the innings, just like a two and a half minute water break is given in IPL, the same will be done in international matches from now on. The first match between the West Indies and Ireland will be played on January 16 in Jamaica. The first match under this rule in girls cricket will be played on January 18. South Africa and West Indies will play that match.

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