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I like Virat Kohli’s attitude but he fights a lot: Sourav Ganguly

I like Virat Kohli’s attitude but he fights a lot: Sourav Ganguly

CRICDOT DESK : Sourav Ganguly, chairman of the Indian Cricket Management Board (BCCI), spoke of Virat Kohli’s position following reports of a conflict with him. Recently, there was a specific conversation about the captain’s issue, stating that none of the board members told Kori not to resign as a T20I skipper.

However, it should be noted that in the past, Ganguly had expected Kori to personally ask him not to give up his role. After the Indian test skipper talked about it at a recent media conference, the Cricket Brotherhood was completely confused because his remarks contradicted what the BCCI president had previously said.

But now Ganguly was talking about Kori’s attitude. At an event in Gurgaon, he was asked which player’s attitude he liked best. When asked, he replied: “I like Virat Kohli’s attitude, but he fights a lot.”
Also at the event, how he deals with all the stresses of his life. I was asked if I would do it. Ganguly gave a rather ironic answer, stating: Only his wife and girlfriend cause stress.

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The day after Rohit Sharma replaced Virat Kohli as India’s full-time white ball captain, Ganguly said BCCI and Selector had jointly answered the phone. He spoke to Virat about the issue and added that he asked him not to abandon the captain in the shortest possible way.

“This is the call that BCCI and Selector have jointly accepted. In fact, BCCI has asked Virat not to resign as a T20I skipper, but he clearly opposed it, and voters said two whites. I didn’t think it was right to have two different captains in the ball format, “said the BCCI president.

However, at a press conference, Virat Kohli contradicted this statement and showed a lack of communication in the process. When asked about Kori’s comments, Ganguly said, “Stop this, I have nothing to say. It depends on BCCI and they only deal with it. “

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