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I don’t play for myself, I play for the team: Shakib Al Hasan

Shakib Al Hasan retains top spot in All rounder ranking!


CRICDOT DESK : Shakib Al Hasan will play in South Africa after many dramas. The all-rounder spoke to reporters before leaving the country on Sunday night. Shakib thinks a win against South Africa would be a big achievement for the country’s cricket.

Shakib said, ‘There must be hope that we can win. Very good if you can win the series. If I can win a match, I think it will be a good success. The whole team will have the same goal. That is how I will prepare. A lot of relief. It’s always nice to be with a team, it’s fun. I have been for the last 15 years. It would be nice if you could stay in the front. It’s always a pleasure to be with the team. I hope everyone can bring a good result for the team. ‘

Shakib claimed that he was a passenger against Afghanistan. In this context, he said, ‘Who does not want to be in the driving seat! Many times when the place changes, the mental condition also changes. I hope so. I’m sure the team mates, the management, the coaching staff all helped me a lot. I hope they will cooperate in the same way again. I will try to repay that. It doesn’t matter how much success you have. What matters is how much we can do. That being said, neither party nor individual could do as much as expected. We have the opportunity to change that. That is what we will try. ‘

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Bangladesh won the Test in New Zealand tour. Shakib believes that will inspire the Tigers too. I also think it will inspire us in both ODIs and Tests. I am going to play in all formats. It would be great if we could win the series. If you win a match, it will be a good result. The last series there was with India. South Africa played very well. They have won all three matches. There are definitely challenges for us. We have to do our bowling department very well. We bowl well at home but in the away series we struggle in the bowling department. I think there is room for improvement. Besides, we have to do better batting. Our fielding is also exposed a lot of the time in big fields. All three divisions need to do well if they are to do well. ‘

The world’s best all-rounder added, “It’s also challenging for fast bowlers. If the new bowlers cannot take wickets, it will be more challenging for the spinners. The task will be easier if we can help one another. ‘

Asked if there were any personal expectations, Shakib said, “There has never been any personal expectation yet. We will probably practice there for five or six days. However, there is no place for massive improvement. But mentally, the better we prepare, the better. I have to take everyone as a team. I did well, if the team did not do well then it will not happen. Someone performed, but I didn’t. If everyone performs together, the team will get good results. I will be present on the field at that time when training tomorrow. Nothing is being missed that way. My idea is to have time to prepare ENAF. ‘

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