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Highest paid Kyle Jamieson not shortlisted for IPL mega auction

Kyle Jamieson


CRICDOT DESK : The list of Indian Premier League (IPL) Mega Auctions 2022 has been released with a total of 590 players participating. The bidding event will take place in Bangalore on February 12th and 13th, and fans will need to mark the calendar. For years, IPL has been a platform for young people to dominate the stage and make it the highest level.

The franchise also offers a huge amount, so some players around the world are trying to steal IPL contracts. However, some prominent players, including Ben Stokes, Joe Root and Mitchell Starc, have withdrawn from IPL2022 for a variety of reasons. New Zealand pacesetter Kyle Jamieson is another notable absentee from the list of players under the hammer.

Surprisingly, Pacer’s 6ft 8 was purchased at a mini auction last year for a whopping 15 rupees. He managed to do a decent job of scalping nine wickets in many games, with a savings rate close to 10. He also won some important runs of the Virat Kohliled team at the time. However, his flash does not appear in IPL2021. It’s unclear why he’s not on the list, but Jamison doesn’t seem to include his name in the auction pool.

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Finally, it’s almost impossible that he wasn’t selected as a finalist. Meanwhile, Jamieson has previously suggested that 2022 IPL may be skipped to avoid bio bubble fatigue. He also withdrew from the T20I series against India last year for the same reason. The fast right-handed bowler was last seen last month in a home test series against Bangladesh when it led to 11 draws. Once Jamison becomes regular in all formats, his schedule will be packed in the next few days. All of these factors may have prompted the Kiwi player to call.

Meanwhile, IPL 2022 will be a spectacular event with two new teams, Lucknow and Ahmedabad. Therefore, IPL will have 10 teams for the first time since 20211. Specifically, prior to the bidding event, the existing eight teams could only hold up to four players. Among the unretained players, the two new teams each made three picks.

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