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Hathurusinghe takes a dig to Mominul-Jamieson viral photo!

CRICDOT DESK : It is difficult for any cricketer in Bangladesh to keep an eye on Kyle Jamieson for his height. Probably the most difficult for Mominul Haque.

At one stage of the just-concluded Mount Manganui Test, the Bangladesh captain probably made that effort. The film sparked a heated debate on the Internet; Former Bangladesh coach Chandika Hathurusinghe also tweeted about this.

Jamison, 6 feet 6 inches tall, is standing beside the crease with both hands on his waist in frustration. Mominul looked at her face in a very relaxed manner and her chest height. One hand on the waist, the other hand touching the bat on the ground. Turning his right leg and standing next to his left leg, he raised his face and kept his eyes on the Kiwi pacer.

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Of course, Jamison has no eyebrows. He is looking away in despair.

Former Bangladesh coach Hathurusinghe tweeted this picture and wrote – Hey Mini (Mominul), is he ignoring you? 6 will not.

Mominul played a great innings in the first innings, overcoming Jamison and three other New Zealand pacers. He played 244 balls for more than 6 hours. Bangladesh captain was also at the crease during the team’s victory in the second innings.

Speaking of Jamison here, there were allegations that Hathurusinghe himself ignored Muminul when he was the Bangladesh coach. The Sri Lankan coach affectionately named him ‘Mini’.

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