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Hardik Pandya to lead Ahmedabad-based franchise in IPL-22


CRICDOT DESK : Hardik Pandya will lead the Ahmedabad-based franchise in the next edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), claiming he always knows that he has a leader, and he officially claims to be there. The IPL franchise claimed that there was an inevitable air of being a captain.

Pandya spent seven seasons at Mumbai Indians, but in the next edition he will be the captain of the Ahmedabad franchise, who joined the service of the All-Rounder after being fired by Rohit Sharma Red. Talking to the
Economic Times, I was convinced that the 28-year-old felt it was the right time to accept the captain’s offer.

“I learned a lot to play for Mumbai Indians. When I played in India, I played under a great captain like Mahibai (MS Dhoni). He led us. The way, the freedom he gave us. When I got the offer, I asked my family, friends and siblings. They are an important part of all the decisions I make and have come to the conclusion that we all have leaders within us, “he said. The Economic Times.

“Situations and roles I played for the Mumbai Indians and the Indian team, the leader was always inside me. It’s only a matter of time before I have a C (captain) next to my name.

Pandia made her international debut under MS Dhoni, and all-rounders revealed that he had learned a lot from a former Indian skipper. The 28-year-old Dhoni always had a back, but at the same time. He revealed that he wanted him to learn everything himself.

“I learned a lot from every captain I played, especially Mahibai. The way he raised me, the way he gave me a lot of freedom, he wanted me to make mistakes and learn. In First Class Cricket, you will always be guided by your seniors. Most cricketers come to the Indian team with this culture.

“When I came to the Indian team, I thought Mahendra Sing dhoni was there, everything was taken care of. I thought Mahibai would tell me where to put the bowl, He didn’t tell me much. Later, I realized that he wanted me to study for myself. It helps me have a longer career and prepare for any situation. Mahibai wanted me to study for myself, but always knew he would make sure he was taking care of my back, support, and I. As a leader, he makes every effort to make every member feel included in the setup.

“I believe to set an example and lead. I set the standards and the attitude that the team wants to play. My philosophy is that every player can relax and everyone Is to have a positive attitude and make everyone feel involved. Once all the players are comfortable, I think they know their potential and how to do their best. At IPL 2022, Pandia is the first IPL carrier to represent a non-Mumbai Indian franchise. The all-rounder rushed into the Mumbai scene and became a superstar. He thanked the franchise and promised to “forever thank” for giving him the opportunity to trust and shine in Mumbai.

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“It was like a dream. I didn’t expect to be in this position seven years later. Seven years passed in no time. Success, ups and downs. I am grateful for the faith Mumbai Indians had shown in me by picking me up in 2015.
“A couple of franchisees had asked (former India player and MI team manager) Rahul Sanghvi, `who is this player?`. The world did not even know Hardik existed back then, but they showed faith in me and I will be forever grateful to them for that. Mumbai Indians will always be in my heart. All these years have been full of hard work and I have got a lot of success in return as well.”

Pandya has not played international cricket since the 2021 T20 World Cup, but the 28yearold revealed that his primary goal is to ensure that he is in peak condition by the time the 2022 T20 World Cup beckons.

“Yes, that’s the plan. My main goal is to be at the best of the World Cup. My training, planning and preparation are all with the World Cup in mind. The world of the country. I want to win the cup, which will make me really happy and proud. It’s like an obsession for me. IPL provides a very good platform for preparing for the World Cup, but all the hard work ultimately belongs to the Indian team and the World Cup, “he said of the comeback.

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