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Gavaskar Wants Rishabh Pant As India’s new Test Skipper

Rishabh Pant


CRICDOT DESK : Legendary Sunil Gavaskar hopes that Rishab Pants will take over Virat Kohli as the next Indian test captain, as he believes responsibility will make Grabber a better cricket player in every match. is. Kori resigned as test captain on Saturday night, the day after losing the test series in South Africa 12, surprised his cricket buddies and kicked off a seven-year success in governance. Gavaskar said he prefers Pant because selectors for all types of games are automatically selected.

“As far as the selection committee is concerned, there is considerable debate about who should proceed with Indian cricket. First of all, it must be someone who is automatically selected for all formats of the game. Hmm. If that happens, it will be much easier. ”

“One of the reasons is to look at the subsequent punch changes, just as Rohit Sharma won the Mumbai Indians captain when Ricky Ponting resigned. Suddenly, the responsibility of being a captain. He converted the beautiful cameos of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s into hundreds, 150 and 200. He scored in Newlands, “he added.
Gavaskull cites the example of Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, who was a huge success after serving as captain at a very young age, to further explain the reason for his choice.

“Yes, yes. When Nari Contractor was injured at the age of 21, Tiger Pataudi was the captain in a disadvantageous situation. See what he did afterwards. He made the captain a duck. I took him to the water.
“From what I saw with Delhi Capitals captain Reshab Pants at IPL, I think he has the ability to move Indian cricket forward and make it a very exciting team,” he said.

Limited Over skipper Rohit Sharma has emerged as a front runner to take over the test captain from Kori, even though he wasn’t in the South African series due to an injury. Rohit was recently appointed Deputy Captain of the Test on behalf of Ajinkya Rahane. In the absence of Rohit, KL represented South Africa’s Rahul Kohli.

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