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Every match we lost, Domingo was liable : Mashrafee


CRICDOT DESK : Mashrafe Mortuza has started training to play in the Dhaka Premier League (DPL). The former captain spoke to the media after the practice on Thursday about the national team’s tour of South Africa. He said that the team has a chance to do well as Domingo has a familiar condition in South Africa. According to Mash, Domingo is also responsible for the team’s latest losses.

In the ODI Super League, Tamim Iqbal’s team lost one match against Sri Lanka, Afghanistan. New Zealand lost to win. Mashrafe thinks that Bangladesh should have won those matches.

“I don’t have much work experience with Domingo,” he said. However, he has to take responsibility for all the matches I have lost. We were supposed to win a lot of matches, which we didn’t win. Yes, New Zealand was not supposed to win. I think the scale of his failure is heavy. There is no place for experimentation with Bangladesh team. ‘

Mashrafe thinks the team has enough power from Alan Donald as the pace bowling coach. He has had a successful career. Also tested as a coach. The former captain hopes that the team will get something better if it is coordinated with him. He also mentioned that it was a relief for Shakib to join the team.

Mashrafe said, “The board will be able to speak well about the Shakib crisis. It is difficult for me to tell from the outside what his mental condition is now. But in the end it was a relief for the team to find him. There is a problem in taking extra batter-bowler in his place in different conditions. It’s a big deal that the team is getting the benefit of having a proper all-rounder like him. ‘

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Mashrafe will play in DPL after BPL. He also mentioned that it is a pleasure to take part in this event in Dhaka. I met many local cricketers. Mash, who brought the highest victory to the country in ODI format, is not playing by setting any goal. His injury is in doubt. There was talk of a back heel operation. However, the right-handed pacer said that he did not undergo surgery thinking that he would have to be out of the field for nine months. There was also the fear that the invisible career would come to an end.

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