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Empowering Babar brought lot of change: Ramiz Raja

Empowering Babar brought lot of change: Ramiz Raja

CRICDOT DESK : PCB Chair Ramiz Raja said that by strengthening skipper Babar Azam and adopting a fearless approach, Pakistan was able to successfully tour the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh for two months. Pakistan has won eight of the nine T20Is, including winning all group matches at the ICC T20 World Cup and two tests in Bangladesh.

“… I want to emphasize that leadership is important. When empowering and empowering leaders, he begins to own everything from decisions, teams, outcomes to disasters. He bravely His position is stable and clear, “Raja told PCB Digital.

“I told Babar Azam and the team not to worry about the result, especially before the match in India. As I said,” I want to fix the GPS on the Pakistani cricket, “said the captain’s fearless cricket. From the perspective of the team, which meant that positive changes could be seen by empowering and planting.

Nine T20I defeats faced Australia in the T20 World Cup semifinals. As a result of winning two tests, Pakistan has earned 24 important ICC World Test Championship points. “The Pakistani team did a great cricket in Bangladesh, and I would like to congratulate them on it,” Ramiz Raza Raja said.

“Bangladesh is a tough target for cricket because it curates a place to ruin and neutralize the big side. They have a good grasp of the spin division and are playing very well. We must thank Pakistan for quickly switching from T20 to test format without losing focus after the T20 World Cup. After all, the results were excellent. The dressing room atmosphere is good and everyone is playing for Pakistan on this team.

Raja said Pakistan is more consistent in terms of performance. “This is Pakistani cricket. They make dramas and have endless possibilities, but they are inconsistent. But now we see them constant. We. In front of, there is a powerful and rewarding series.

“Welcome the West Indies to Pakistan. We are in excellent condition on the T20I and are in 5th place, so we are a middle class team of ODI. We can do a lot of experiments as a middle class team. HBL We are a PSL who came to Australia. “

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