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Dean Elgar Takes South Africa on the verge of win vs India In 2nd Test

Dean Elgar

CRICDOT DESK : A South African thug, led by brave skipper Dean Elgar, dug his heels to claim a streak against India in 122 runs. Elgar (Parry 46, 121 balls) suffered a nasty blow from lift-spitting supplies, but to pursue the tricky 240-run goal that India followed after Cheteswar’s solid duo. Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane, who kept the team on two tracks at 118, have been in trouble for over 100 years of partnership. In the midst of a great friendly match, Shardul Takul (1/21) won the game’s eighth victim with a ball hemmed, bounced, and stayed low in the same place. `s (31) pad.

Keegan Petersen (28) adds 46 with a skipper before Ravichandran Ashwin (1/14) gets a drift and a turn and steps in before the decision goes in his direction.  Heavy reels facilitated hitting by ironing the divot at a good length spot Like all the new innings in this game, Elger put his body on the lines and ankles, chest and shoulders. I was ready to play an ugly game, and even above my head, it brings a quick brain shake test.

While South Africa will that they have half a foot through the victory door, there has been numerous instances in the series where a batting collapse has changed the course of the game. There are two things that would keep India worried going into the fourth day.

In this Test, the batting conditions have improved as the match has progressed 202, 229, 266 and secondly, Mohammed Siraj is far from fit and bowled only four out of the 40 overs sent down till now.
The Indian team, in its mind, knows that it is a bowler short.

While 240 as a target is more than decent, India could have pushed it a bit more had Rishabh Pant’s poor shot selection, that incurred legendary Sunil Gavaskar’s wrath in the commentary box, not happened at the most inopportune of moments. After hitting the Kagiso Rabada’s bouncer, the pants rushed to another short ball like an angry bull, but only caught behind it, Gavaskar’s “responsibility” and the “responsibility” of the natural robe. I questioned “nonsense”. wild”.

However, it was the day when India’s Middle Rank was finally successful in the half-century battle between Pujara and Rahane. Puhara (53 out of 86) and Rahane (58 out of 78) breathed new life into their careers with timely punches Hanuma Bihari (40 did not drop out) also twice. Finishing at 266. 4, it played an important role in building India’s overall lead. Marco Jansen (174673) and Lungi Ngidi (10.11433) also played a perfect role.

The Indian middleorder, which has flattered to deceive on most occasions in the past couple of years, did its job and also got some much needed lateorder support from Shardul Thakur (28).
Pujara and Rahane, in a rarely seen counterattacking mode, added 111 runs in just 23.2 overs, getting some breathing space for themselves.

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Having understood that time is indeed running out for them, both the batters decided not to try and hang around as they looked for scoring opportunities.

The half volleys were driven imperiously and the width was dispatched disdainfully square off the wicket.
When Jansen bowled one short, Rahane uncorked the slash over point for a six. The 50 of Pujara came out of the 62 balls when the 67 of Rahane’s half century was completed. This suggests that they are “intentional” and are trying to prioritize the team’s interests above all else.

They met between four and six of the eighteen. There was a time when India was 2 to 128 and 155, which seems to prove harmful to the tendency of South African bowls to be too short or too many.

But then Lavada, South Africa’s highest index of high-speed bowling since Dale Steyn, produced a moving show that is very synonymous with traditional form. Lavada found the ideal back length, landed in a crack and snapped off, bringing the edge of Labane to the keeper Kyle Berein’s glove. Pujara obtained one from Lavada on the Secondary Stump Canal so that it is vertical to the front despite the large dropout.

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