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Cricketers communicate through video call as quarantine starts!

Cricketers communicate through video call as quarantine starts!

CRICDOT DESK : Compared to previous tour, this time the quarantine of the team Tigers is not so strict. Bangladesh had to do 14 days quarantine in the last tour. At the end of the seven-day quarantine, the tigers had the opportunity to practice in separate groups.

This time it has been reduced. Bangladesh will have to stay in quarantine for seven days instead of 14 days. Sujan gave a video message from Quarantine in New Zealand. He said he did not get a chance to meet anyone without a video call.

In the video message, Sujan said, ‘When we first arrived here yesterday, then everyone went to everyone’s room. I haven’t seen anyone like that yet, except for a video call. The two have talked in a video call. Today is the first day of quarantine. After waking up and having breakfast, the doctor and two nurses came. They took our physical inquiries. ‘

In a video message from Christchurch, the former Bangladesh captain and seaming all-rounder said, “Hard times are coming. We all have to suffer for two or three more days. Then we can practice and gym in groups. Gradually practice will begin. In a few days everything will be fine. We are all healthy and well. ‘

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