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Cricket is a strange game, says Hersha Boghal

Cricket is a strange game, says Hersha Boghal. The status of Bangladesh cricket in T20. But few days ago, Bangladesh lost the series to Australia and New Zealand at home. But those two teams played in the World Cup final. Bangladesh was eliminated in the first round After the World Cup, the Bangladesh team had to lose the series against Pakistan again. Seeing such a team, Bharat’s analyst said ❝ This game (cricket) is weird. I don’t know if this happens in any other game. Australia went to Bangladesh and played against Bangladesh and could not create any competition.

Again the same team played almost the same cricketers against Bangladesh in different conditions and this time the result was completely reversed. In Bangladesh, I have heard many people say that there is no benefit in playing on such a pitch. In T20 cricket, if you play these wickets, you will score 120 runs, by doing so you will play much better at home and when you go abroad, you will start playing very badly. I think they were the biggest disappointing team in this T20 World Cup.

I think Bangladesh needs more confidence. Because they are a really good team. They have some great talented cricketers. Soumya, Liton, Mahmudullah could not be the cricketers they were supposed to be. Others who are coming up also have to believe in themselves. They lost to England in the 2015 ODI World Cup and played well in the 2019 World Cup. I hope they do well in the future. However, they will want to change their record in the T20 World Cup.

– Hersha suffers – He did not say the reason for the condition of the Bangladesh team.

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