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Cricket excluded from 2028 Olympic games!

Cricket excluded from 2028 Olympic games!

CRICDOT DESK : Cricket ‘s bid for the Olympic Place was shocked when it was removed from the provisional list of 28 sports for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Cricket, which was seen only once at the 1900 Paris Olympics, was unable to compete in the LA Games on Thursday.

At the 1990 Paris Tournament, cricket was the first and only match between the two countries. Besides the Olympics, only the 1998 Commonwealth Games featured other multi sports represented by cricket. However,
Cricket will return to the Commonwealth Games next year in the form of a Twenty20 event for women at the Birmingham CWG.

In August of this year, the ICC began preparing to include cricket in the Olympics. However, the IOC takes into account the popularity, cost, complexity, uniqueness, and relevance of sports for young people as factors prior to participating in the Olympic program. ICC, the governing body of cricket, currently has 12 regular members and 94 associate members. A preliminary list of 28 sports will be submitted to the IOC meeting in February next year for approval.

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