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Can Bangladesh make it through in 2nd Test?


CRICDOT DESK : The soft heart of love has never been prepared to be so wounded by the burning of words. The Tigers never imagined that the opponent would slam the battle in such a way that it would go to the level of ‘abuse’. So after the Durban Test loss, Mominul Haque could not control his emotions in front of the local journalists.

The Proteas, like many schoolchildren, complain about how badly they have been treated on the field, with familiar faces in front of them. He may have got sympathy for that, just like everyone puts their hands on the head of the ‘good boy’ of the class.

But none of them were able to show their manhood on the highest test stage of cricket like Tests. So do they still think of themselves only as ‘boys’ of Test cricket? A lot of time has passed from time to time. Now when it comes to playing Tests, just as you have to deal with the bowler’s bounce-yorker, you also have to deal with the poisonous arrow of words. This sledging technique of mentally injuring the opponent is not a modern thing, it is a traditional style of cricket. It is an undeniable and unpopular strategy that has been around for ages. If you can’t speak in a word fight here, you have to pay with bat and ball.

So far the opponent may not have considered Bangladesh a threat in that way, maybe that is why no one has used this sledging weapon in that way. But this time in Durban, it has been proved that even the Proteas do not consider Bangladesh as ‘milk rice’ now. The Tigers probably didn’t understand the stubbornness that came out of them after the ODI series loss. For this series, green wickets, bounce, yorker – everything was prepared by the believers. But going beyond these concepts, the Proteas have adopted a completely different strategy. Deda’s sledging with spin. The Tigers have probably never seen such a form of proteas before.

The believers might not have been so emotionally injured. However, there are questions about the slope of this ‘sledging’ to cover the shame of being all out for 53 runs. The duration of that innings was 19 overs, where no batsman could stand for long, nor did he run. What bothered the batsmen so much was the Proteas fielders who lost their temper and had to be out. Or is it that the tone of emotion has been added to the complaint? No one will be sitting in the ring of Test cricket with their hands folded, they will punch whenever they get a chance. In order to be a winner there, just as you have to save face, you also have to punch the opponent by understanding the opportunity.

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But that may not always be the case. So it is best to ignore it. In 1998, the current Bangladesh bowling coach Alan Donald was constantly sledging when he could not get India’s number ten batsman Dodda Ganesh out of a Test. Seeing this, Sachin Tendulkar, who is on non-strike, came and said to Donald: ‘Alan, you are working hard. He understands nothing but Kannada language. We have difficulty talking to him.

And whether you are insulting him in incomprehensible English. ‘ Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. At least in contrast to the wrong sledging in English. In 2008, while sledging a Sri Lankan batsman, a Bangladeshi fast bowler used abusive language in English which meant the opposite!

So the answer to sledging can be found in the performance of the bat-ball by keeping the head cool, not by showing anger in the head of anger. And when you come out of the field, you have to complain to the umpire from inside the field and not to your media.

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