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Brendon Taylor reveals how Indian gambler abducted him!

Brendon Taylor


CRICDOT DESK : Former Zimbabwe star batsman Brendon Taylor has revealed the horrors of cricket gambling. He admitted in a lengthy statement that an Indian businessman had offered to fix him. Trapped in his sweet words, he went to a dinner party and took cocaine. Taylor was forced into match-fixing by secretly capturing the scene of that cocaine use! The Zimbabwe star is now awaiting an ICC ban for hiding the incident.

The incident took place in 2019. At that time, an Indian businessman contacted Taylor and offered to sponsor him. He also offered to pay 15 thousand dollars as signing money for this. At the same time show the greed of organizing a T20 tournament on the soil of Zimbabwe. Taylor stepped into the trap and went to a dinner party at the invitation of an Indian businessman. Drugs started after a lot of eating and drinking at the party. Forgetting the sweet words, Taylor also took a deadly drug like cocaine. He still did not understand, what a big trap!

In Taylor’s words, ‘I used cocaine to fool them. The next morning the man came to my hotel room. She shows me a video that captures the scene of my cocaine use the night before! I go to the forest of fools. The man then instructed me to fix the international match on their behalf or threatened to leak the video. My back is against the wall. There were 6 of them. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. ‘

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Taylor then wanted to leave India anyway and return home. So he agreed to take the money. The businessman then paid him ১৫ 15,000 in sponsorship and an additional হাজার 20,000 for fixing. With that money, Taylor can return to his country. But when he goes home, he suffers from guilt. Even psychiatric treatment is required. The gamblers gave him four months. Taylor did not want to get involved in misdeeds. So at one point he told the ICC everything!

Taylor’s mistake was like that of Bangladesh’s Shakib Al Hasan. He hid his gambling offer for a long time. The ICC launched an investigation after learning of the incident from him. Taylor was sentenced to several years in prison if found guilty. Although he did not say exactly how many years the ban was, Taylor accepted the punishment. He apologized to the fans for doing so.

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