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Bradman’s legendary bat sold at huge price!

Bradman's legendary bat sold at huge price!

CRICDOT DESK : The cricket world knows him by name and fame in fact  There are very few people who have not heard the name of Sir Don Bradman’s, the best batsman of all time in history. The legendary cricketer also led his country Australia at one time. He also scored two triple centuries in his colorful career.

Legendary Australian batsman Sir Don Bradman’s scored 756 runs in the 1934 Ashes series. It was an innings of 304 runs in Headingley. He played an innings of 244 at The Oval. Six years later, the Bradman bat used in this test sold for a huge sum. One person bought it at the auction for two and a half million Australian dollars. In Bangladeshi rupees which is about two crore and fourteen lakhs.

The bat also has Bradman’s autograph, which reads, “This is the bat with which I scored 304 against England at Leeds and 244 at The Oval in 1934.”

The historic bat was sold earlier. The bat owner left it at the Bradman Museum in New South Wales in 1999. The famous cricket equipment maker The William Sykes & Sons made the bat.

Rina Hora, head of the museum, said: “It is virtually impossible to determine the price of this bat. After scoring a century with this bat, Bradman wrote it with his own hand on the bat. It’s an asset. ‘

Bradman played international cricket from 1926 to 1947. Bradman has scored 8,998 runs at an average of 99.94 in 52 Tests. He had 12 double centuries and two triple centuries with 29 centuries.

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