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Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

Uncertainty regarding happening of BPL!

BPL full fixture published, have a look!

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is being at stake due to the speculation of tough schedule. The BPL was scheduled to start in January. But due to fears over Bangladesh’s Test series in New Zealand, there have been doubts about hosting the BPL at the scheduled time. It has been a concern that Cricketers are emotionally devastated for the drawn quarantine. That is why BCB is thinking anew.

Regarding BPL, BCB President Nazmul Hasan said, “BPL may not be as we have planned. It may be that the BPL will start by excluding those who are in New Zealand. There will be a two-four day break after returning from New Zealand. They will join later and get paid in full. If there is any financial loss, the board will compensate it. I’m not saying I’ll do that, but there are opportunities. ’He said,‘ You have to travel six days for three venues. Reducing a venue can save us two days. Doing five teams instead of six gives us four or five days. This is being discussed. I will be able to inform after knowing the decision on the 21st. ‘

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