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Board have to accept people’s criticism : Mashrafe

Board have to accept people's criticism : Mashrafe

CRICDOT DESK : Former national team captain Mashrafe bin Mortuza said the cricket board have to accept people’s criticism and it is a unique place where no one is under pressure. The board follows the policy of the board. As a cricketer, I welcome the decision of the board here.

“I did badly in the 2019 World Cup, I was dropped from the team,” he added. People have to accept criticism. It has to be accepted by the board, the cricketers have to do it, the team has to carry it. It is foolish to answer all this. It’s a professional place, everyone wants the best.

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The former captain, who has led the country to a record 50 ODIs and won 50 of them, said people would at least think he had tried if he did not get a 100 per cent result. Teams like India, people don’t give a shit if they can’t be the best.

He added that the cricketers have been left in the lurch as they could not play in thebcb of the World Cup despite winning the Test series 2-1 in England. But more important than winning the T20 World Cup was a Test series win in England or a Test series win in Australia. That is to say, the sentiment of the people is such that no one knows when it will work. Therefore, it is better to talk less.

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