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Ben Stokes wants to play 5th test despite injury

Ben Stokes wants to play 5th test despite injury


CRICDOT DESK : English all-rounder Ben Stokes has expressed his desire to play the final ashes test despite being injured while bowling in the Sydney test. Stokes spent half a century on each of the four test innings, helping England draw the game. He, along with Johnny Bainsu and Zack Crawley, played a crucial role in avoiding 50 whites for the first time in three years.

Stokes shed low-grade tears during bowling on the first inning and was unable to play one bowl thereafter. He came out to hit in the first inning and sewed a 128-run partnership for the fifth wicket at Bairstow before being fired for 66 runs. Stokes didn’t bowl twice, but played a decisive role in the bat. He made 60 runs with 123 balls. Talking to the
Daily Mail, Stokes said he wanted to do the final test of ashes, despite his little tears. He also showed that he might not be able to play as a special butter and throw a single. Whether the next game will include Stokes depends on how his side exposures respond to treatment.

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Ben Stokes said, “I want to play the fifth ash test despite minor cracks, but my position on the team as a punch specialist depends on how sideloading responds to treatment. I will do it, “the Daily Mail reported. Quote. With the exception of Ben Stokes, the England team probably missed some stars Stokes wasn’t the only one injured in the final test. Jos Buttler and Bearstow were also injured, which may have raised concerns for the English team.

Butler broke his finger and was excluded from the next test match. Bairstow was the first British player to hit his thumb in his first inning during the century and achieve great feats on the tour.

England will have three test matches in the West Indies in March. Therefore, management wants these three players to remain strong enough to participate in this series. England has already asked Sam Billings to join the team and he will be able to make his test debut if England plays against Australia in Hobart.

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