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Ben Stokes bowls 14 ‘No ball’s and creates controversy!

Ben Stokes

CRICDOT DESK : Controversy arose when Ben Stokes was found bowling 14 no-balls in an opening session in Brisbane on the second day of the first ash test underway between Australia and England in Gaba. rice field. However, he was called only twice, including a delivery that sniffed David Warner. Still, Stokes didn’t show much enthusiasm because he knew he could have surpassed it. Warner, who was hitting 17 at the time, was asked to wait because he showed on the big screen that Stokes had actually crossed the crease of the crack.

After Warner’s narrow escape, Australian Channel 7 said Stokes had gone too far in each of the previous three deliveries and trotting four no-balls, but was called only once by the referee. Things got worse when Sydney-based media further pointed out that Stokes threw a total of 14 no-balls in the opening session. Only two of them were called. At the beginning of, the ICC decided to hand over the No ball Calling mission to a third referee.

However, the technique used to detect no-balls in the bowler’s forefoot has been reported to have failed in ongoing testing. “The third referee needs to check the TV footage of the bowler’s forefoot landing and should notify the bowler’s end referee immediately if he is satisfied that any of these three conditions are not met. There is a signal, “the ICC declared.

Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting was furious at the case, accusing the referee of being “poor” and adding that he would have been more careful if Stokes had been called before.

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