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BCCI not to send notice to Kohli

BCCI not to send notice to Kohli

                                                                            PHOTO: INTERNET

CRICDOT DESK : Virat Kohli has recently stepped down as India’s Test captain. This marked the end of the Kohli era in Indian cricket. However, in the last few days, various media outlets in the country have claimed that BCCI President Sourav Ganguly wants to send a show cause notice to Kohli.

The problem became apparent after Virat was removed from the leadership of the ODI format. Earlier, he voluntarily resigned from the T20 leadership. Although the BCCI then claimed, they asked the batter to reconsider the decision. But after being removed from the post of ODI captain, Virat Kohli claimed to the media that the BCCI had not spoken to him about it. Even an hour before the announcement of the team, he was informed by a call that he was not in the leadership of this format.

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Since then, the issue of Kohli’s monogamy with the board has come to light. That is why the BCCI president has opened his mouth about the allegation of sending a show cause notice. Sourav Ganguly told news agency ANI that the issue of sending notice to show cause was not true. He never said that.

The BCCI president also said that the board has always respected Kohli’s decision. In a tweet, Sourav Ganguly said, “Indian cricket has progressed rapidly in all formats under Virat. His decision is personal and the BCCI supports it. He will continue to be an important member of the team in the future. He is a great player. “

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