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BCCI introduce bubble breach penalties for IPL


CRICDOT DESK : The Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) seems to be punishing Covid offenders in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Players and team officials who violate protocols at IPL 2022 will result in severe penalties ranging from a one-match suspension to a seven-day quarantine to a boycott from the tournament. The bursting of a bubble by a member of the player’s family or a match official will result in a more severe penalty.

More strictly, if a team knowingly allows a weaker team to enter the team’s bubble, they could be fined up to Rs 1 crore for the first timeframe and subsequent timeframes could result in the team being fired. that deducts one or two points.

“The COVID19 pandemic poses a serious threat to the health of individuals and the cooperation, commitment and compliance of each person subject to these Operating Rules for measures designed to provide an A safe environment is paramount,” the BCCI said in its operating rules for IPL 2022.

In the picture with penalties, he announced that the penalty for the bubble violations of a team player’s official or a match official will be: of the first 7 days of lover Effects or another time possible in medical and safe protocols at IPL 2022 (do not pay for missing missions) times the second violation, suspension of matches (not pay) to Effective after completing the 7-day candidate or this stage of requriantine can be provided in the safety and health protocols in IPL 2022 (not paid) the third withdrawal of the group’s crook Registered in the rest of the season, there is no authorized replacement.

For a Family Member:

First Violation 7 days needed for family members or such claims, as can be provided in health and safety protocols at the payer Applications of IPL 2022 and 7 days for players related, official teams or matches or other stages. Request people can be provided in the health and safety protocols in IPL 2022 (do not pay for missing missions)
times the second removal, permanent removal of friends or into Family tablets of bubbles for the rest of the season and 7-day applicants for those involved in players, officials of the team or in accordance with the official or request of applicants, as possible Guess the health and safety protocols at IPL 2022 (do not pay for missing missions).
Other sanctions:

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Crime behavior: If a franchise cannot establish a group for a match with a price under 12 players available 11 in the game (at least 7 must be India) plus a sanctioned Fielder
sanctioning: BCCI, according to its decision, will try to re-program the match later in the season. If this is impossible, the problem will be returned to the IPL technical committee. The decision of the IPL technical committee will be final and bound.

Violation: Intentionally allowing anyone in the BioSecure bubble to contact a player and/or support staff without that person having to spend 7 days

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