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BCB to take decision on Senior dominance in the team

BCB to formally chat with Tamim to Change decision on T20


CRICDOT DESK : Durban’s Kingsmid Test is now a thing of the past. Bangladesh is preparing for the second Test in Port Elizabeth. Even then, Bangladesh’s performance in Durban seems to be on fire. The Tigers were all out for just 53 in the second innings.

There were many questions in everyone’s mind surrounding the match. Why did Bangladesh bowl especially after winning the toss? Why only one spinner in the eleven spin assist wicket? Captain Mominul Haque, however, took the responsibility of winning the toss and elected to bowl. That is what suits him as a captain.

But the senior cricketers of the team are behind such a decision. That was not the advice of head coach Russell Domingo and bowling coach Alan Donald. Durban’s wicket was the assessment of two Proteas coaches, batting first. It will be difficult to bat later because the wicket will have a turn.

However, some senior cricketers in Bangladesh did not want to bat first. Muminul won the toss and elected to bowl. BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon has given this information.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Tamim Iqbal are the only senior cricketers in the Bangladesh team now. In which Tamim could not play the match due to illness. And Mushfiqur’s defensive thinking is not new. He also made an impression as a captain. Talking to the cricketer, the BCB president said about bowling before the Durban Test, “It is difficult to say without sitting face to face. I know Domingo and Donald both gave ideas about the wicket and suggested it would be difficult to bat later here. Because here will be the turn. Khaled Mahmood and Jalal Bhai (Jalal Yunus) were there, what can I say. ‘

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Muminul has taken responsibility for himself to hide the fear of the elders. “Of course, the coaching staff in South Africa is well aware of their condition,” Papon said. I heard Muminul say it was his own decision (before bowling). I know some senior batsmen said they don’t want to bat first. That was the point. So maybe he has listened to the seniors, because he has to play with the team. ‘ Now Domingo will make the final decision in the second Test. BCB is satisfied with the performance of this coach who has climbed the hill of criticism. The Tigers won the Test series in New Zealand in January and the ODI series in South Africa under him after their defeat in the T20 World Cup last year.

Papun also has questions about whether senior cricketers listen to Domingo. The board president said, “I think whenever the team is bad, we try to make someone a scapegoat. Did some senior cricketers listen to him at all? I really want to know if they actually listened. Those who are listening are improving. If I call 15 cricketers, I can say in writing that at least 11 will say he (Domingo) is a great coach. ‘

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