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BCB to omit Soumya Sarker from central contract


CRICDOT DESK : Due to Corona, the BCB could not do much analysis in awarding the central contract of 2021. The national team selectors did not have the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the cricketers as they did not play in 2020. They recommended the names of 24 cricketers considering their performance in 2019 and the possibility of being in the national team in 2021. The board had selected 24 cricketers in three categories under the central contract. This time the situation is different as it was a drawn game last year. Considering last year’s performance and potential, 19 cricketers will be given central contracts in 2022.

BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon has approved the new agreement. This year, from January 1 to December 31, they will receive a salary on a central contract. That list does not include the majestic government, Nurul Hasan Sohan and six others from last year. However, those who have been left out have the opportunity to return to the contract. A BCB source confirmed that if the national team does well in the first six months of the year, its performance will be assessed in June. The half-yearly contract is a new addition to the BCB.

The national team played continuous cricket in 2021. Home and away series as well as the T20 World Cup. The list of pool cricketers has also grown. Despite being included in the national pool, Shamim Hossain Patwari and Mahmudul Hasan Joy were not included in the central contract this time. Mohammad Saifuddin, who has been out of action since the T20 World Cup, is not being kept on contract at the moment. He can get a half-year contract in July only if he performs back in the national team. However, Test pacer Abu Zayed Chowdhury Rahi and opening batsman Saif Hasan have been ruled out due to performance. However, Yasir Ali Rabbi’s forehead was opened after his debut in the national team. He is also being kept in the central contract.

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Last year, the board was cautious about emerging parties as it did not get the benefit of keeping Shamim Hossain Patwari in the contract. A BCB director said, “Playing for the national team is paid even if it is not in the contract. Newcomers will be paid regularly. It is better to have some analysis in the central agreement. I have come to know that the board has done that this time. ‘ Contract cricketers will be categorized according to three editions like last time. BCB president Kal-Parshu will talk to Shakib to find out if he agrees to play in Tests regularly.

The left-arm all-rounder is being demanded to be included in the Test squad for the tour of South Africa as he has not been named in the IPL squad. However, the whole game depends on Shakib. The decision to stay in the three versions of the BCB’s central agreement is also in his hands. However, it is certain that Tamim is not in the three editions. Because he has taken unannounced retirement from International T20.

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