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Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

BCB to introduce alternative of DRS in BPL



CRICDOT DESK : Lack of Decision Review System (DRS) technology was a topic of discussion in the country’s cricket before the start of BPL. BCB officials, cricketers all have to face questions about DRS. In the end, Bangabandhu BPL T20 tournament was held on January 21 without DRS. In the eight matches of the first round held in Dhaka, the BCB was able to realize the need for DRS due to some wrong decisions of the umpires. However, due to lack of technicians, Hawkeye is not able to provide DRS. The BPL Governing Council has to go for alternative technology. In the pre-DRS era, the BCB wants to use the way the game was conducted with the help of technology.

There were meetings with six franchises, match officials and TV production teams at the Zoom meeting last evening. There the coaches voted for the maximum use of technology. There has also been an unwritten decision that if a cricketer is dissatisfied with a decision of the field umpire, it will be referred to the TV umpire. He will try to make a more perfect decision by watching the replay. Initiatives will be taken to reduce wrong decisions of umpires by using technology within capacity from Chittagong episode.

In the matches held at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur, some teams have suffered due to some wrong decisions. Against Sylhet Sunrisers, BCB sat motionless after the erroneous dismissals of Minister Group Dhaka opener Naeem Sheikh and middle order batsman Andre Russell. Attempts are being made to provide some technical assistance to umpires in making decisions before the controversy erupts. Ovi Abdullah Noman, acting manager of the umpires’ department, said: How much support the TV production team is able to give is important. The views of the franchisees are being sought. Tomorrow (today) the BPL Governing Council may answer any decision.

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BCB international umpire Sharfuddaula Ibn Shahid Saikat gave two wrong lbws on Tuesday. Tamim Iqbal also could not accept his out. In most cases, there is a risk that the LBW’s decision will be wrong. The umpires think that it is difficult to determine with the naked eye how much the ball is pounding and hitting the batter pad with which direction. That is why in the Dhaka Premier League (DPL) lbw is given with a crooked eye. In the case of BPL, the game is likely to be criticized globally for broadcasting the game on TV. The teams and the batsmen are suffering personally. The best umpires in the country will also be criticized. In this case, the direction in which the ball falls, it can be shown graphically. However, if the ball touches the bat and hits the pads or is caught by the keeper, they are difficult to diagnose.

An international umpire said on condition of anonymity: The support that the TV production team will provide may not always be accurate in making such a decision. But whatever happens, he will try to give the maximum he can. ‘

TV umpires need to be more proactive in order to make the best use of technology. The TV umpire can assist the field umpire by watching replay repeatedly. In this case, the problem will be reduced a bit if you increase the camera and watch the replay to capture the video of the strike batter.

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