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BCB to formally chat with Tamim to Change decision on T20

BCB to formally chat with Tamim to Change decision on T20


CRICDOT DESK : BCB president Nazmul Hossain Papon told the media on Saturday that Tamim did not want to play R-20. This is what Tamim himself told him. Khaled Mahmud Sujan, the director of the national team’s coaching team, was surprised at the news of Tamim’s resignation.

Sujan wants the best opening batsman in the history of the country to play in three editions. Sujan told the media that he would talk to her personally to get Tamim back. Where Tamim’s problem is, he will focus on finding the cause. It seems that the ODI captain of the national team may have taken a decision out of pride. However, if Tamim’s decision is personal, he will respect it.

Tamim’s minister Dhaka faced Fortune Barisal in the first match of the day in BPL today. Russell-Mahmudullah’s responsible batting gave Dhaka their first win of the day. National team director Khaled Mahmood Sujan is again the head coach of Barisal franchise. So at the end of the match, Khaled Mahmud Sujan got Tamim and settled the conversation.

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The day before, Sujan had told the media that he would talk to Tamim in detail. Want to know where Tamim’s problem is. If there is any misunderstanding, minor problem, try to fix it.

Tamim last played in the International T20 in March 2020 against Zimbabwe on home soil. After that he is withdrawing from T20 cricket for various reasons. He took a break from the series on a tour of New Zealand in March 2021. Despite leading the ODI team in the Zimbabwe tour, he did not play in the T20. Australia withdrew from the T20 World Cup after missing the New Zealand series. Did not play in the T20 series against Pakistan. Although he was injured for a long time.

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