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BCB summons Saifuddin after unexpected remarks

Mohammad Saifuddin


CRICDOT DESK : National team pace bowling all-rounder Mohammad Saifuddin was caught making baseless comments in the media. That is why the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) summoned him. On Monday, Saifuddin told the media that the team management and coaching staff did not look for him after he was injured.

The BCB summoned Saifuddin after his remarks. BCB cricket director Jalal Yunus said, “We are surprised to hear his statement.” I was most surprised – no one from the team management and coaching staff has been looking for five and a half months. It was very surprising to us. That is why the board chairman along with the board director called him. He was in the rehab program under us for five and a half months. Bayezid is part of our physio coaching panel. Saifuddin was in constant touch with him.

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The BCB director further said that Saifuddin was given 6 months instructions for what he should not do. She was scanned in October-November. He was also asked – where do you want to practice? He said, I want to do in Feni. Because his family is there. Otherwise we were supposed to do it in the academy.

Cricket Operations Committee Chairman Jalal Yunus said, “That’s why we called him and asked, ‘How did you say that?’ He said – I did not understand, maybe I was wrong. He has admitted his own mistake.

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