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Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

BCB still hopeful for DRS system in BPL from ICC

DRS system in BPL

DRS system in BPL

CRICDOT DESK : This year’s BPL is a bit random from the beginning. The franchise has been selected for one year. The day before the Players’ Draft, the ownership of the Dhaka franchise changed. The BCB itself took charge of Dhaka.

Meanwhile, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has not yet been able to confirm the DRS (Decision Review System) in the BPL due to the corona. No good foreign umpires have been found yet. There are no visitors this time. In the case of commentators, too much focus is being placed on the locals.

The lack of DRS is burning more cricket fans in the country. Because not having a DRS definitely means leaving room for debate. Meanwhile, if foreign umpires or quality foreign umpires are not available, the situation will be more fragile, there is no doubt.

It is learned that the BCB had sought the help of ICC for the implementation of DRS and for foreign umpires. Although the solution has not been found yet.

The BPL Governing Council has claimed that the DRS cannot be maintained due to the uncertainty created around the world due to the transmission of Omicron.

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Journalists spoke to BCB chief executive officer Nizamuddin Chowdhury on Sunday about the overall situation.

“These challenges are due to the current situation,” he said. I have also personally spoken to the ICC. Because the ICC also has a source. We’ve also talked to people who work at various ICC events. ”

Note that the source of DRS is the only one in the world – Hawk-Eye Company. Nizamuddin Chowdhury said that their manpower was less due to Omicron.

“You see a lot of international cricket,” he said. What Hawk-Eye has told us is that 40 to 50 percent of the manpower is working. There is technology; But manpower has become the biggest challenge. Half of their total staff is working. As a result, distribution is facing challenges. Even then, they said, since we are communicating directly, if anyone can come, they can be arranged. That’s how I keep in touch. ”

The eighth edition of BPL will start on January 21. The final of the event will be held on February 18.

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